We Offer African Bow Hunting Safaris in These Countries:   
Botswana -  Mozambique  - Namibia  - South Africa  - Tanzania  - Uganda  - Zambia  - Zimbabwe


  • KhoiSan Adventures is proud to offer carefully selected, highly qualified African bow hunting outfitters that specialize in hunting with archery equipment. These outfitters are technically competent with advice on bow hunting and archery equipment and abide by the relevant country laws and government legislation to ensure hunt ethics of the sport and code of conduct are upheld in the field. When you book your bow hunt with one of the outfitters we represent, we can guarantee a bow hunting only area to make sure you have maximum success and a quality African safari. We also book combination bow and rifle hunts that allow you to hunt for that special trophy for several days on a bow only concession and then transfer to another concession and hunt with a rifle, giving you a better chance of getting that special trophy that you just don't want to go home without.  

  • Hunting with bow and arrow in Africa is second to none.