We recently returned from our sixth trip booked through Khoisan Adventures. I’m not sure that anything further than that needs to be said!! Doyle & Gail are extremely knowledgeable concerning the logistics of travelling in Africa and can answer any of the questions one may have. Whether you need only some of the details handled or wish to place it all in their hands, your trip will go smoothly. Even the recent complications brought on by COVID (such as the entry, exit, and testing requirements of various countries) posed no problems to arranging our most recent trip (Botswana – May 2022). Booking with Khoisan Adventures made the entire process easier to manage.

Phil & Lauren H.

Crestview, Florida, USA

In April 2017 I accompanied Doyle and Gail of KhoiSan Adventures and another friend on a 12 day safari/sightseeing trip that Doyle and Gail organized. We spent 9 days in the Okavango Delta in Botswana on a photo safari led by Chris of Dandridge Mobile Safaris. His team set up our tents and provided us with good food and warm showers. Chris is an exceptional guide who knows his way around the waters of the Okavango Delta, the Moremi Game Reserve, and Chobe National Park. Thus, we saw a great variety of animals, large and small, including many birds, in their natural habitats. It was awesome! We ended the trip by staying in a lovely lodge and visiting Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Because of an abundance of rain this spring, the falls were beautiful and powerful! We also enjoyed the shops and added a few more animals to our list. Thanks for an incredible adventure!

Gladys V

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Khoisan Adventures has arranged four trips for me to Southern Africa. The first was to Namibia, the second was to Namibia and Botswana, the third was to Mozambique, and the fourth was to Namibia and South Africa. Doyle excels in his attention to detail and in his knowledge of the local hunting operators and service providers, e.g., hotels, restaurants, and non-hunting activities. I have recommended Khoisan Adventures to more than a dozen friends, and all have returned from their trips raving about their terrific experiences!

Mark F

Victoria B.C., Canada

No Regrets and Will Use Again. My wife and I booked with KhoiSan Adventures upon a strong recommendation from a good friend who had hunted with Doyle. After my experience with KhoiSan Adventures, I will never go back to Africa unless it is under Doyle’s watch. We had a tremendous hunt in 2006 in the Okavango and were successful for Cape Buffalo, Red Lechwe, impala and Warthog, then on to the Kalahari where we again filled our tags with Gemsbok, Kudu and Eland. Chris Dandridge, Doyles PH, was the most professional guide I have ever had in over 40 years of hunting, resulting in not only the hunt becoming the trip of a lifetime, but the beginning of two new great friendships with Chris and Doyle. Doyle’s wife Gail was instrumental in making my wife at ease by answering her every question and making suggestions that were instrumental in making this trip unforgettable for her as well. We are currently arranging our return to Africa with KhoiSan Adventures. No one has ever done a better job for us, on any hunt, anywhere, than KhoiSan Adventures.

Bruce G

Victoria, B.C., Canada

Trip of a Lifetime, Well-planned trips, with very good attention paid to the smallest of details. These folks have years of experience in Africa and it shows in everything they do. I am very pleased with their performance and I will use them again and again.

Tom G

Beverly, WV, USA

I Recommend booking with KhoiSan Adventures! Completely happy with Doyle and the service he provides. I was very apprehensive to use a consultant, especially one that I didn’t know, but it turned out to make the entire hunt much more enjoyable, cheaper, and simple. Also, having Doyle to bounce questions off of was extremely helpful in making my first African hunt happen with very little stress. Easy to talk to over the phone on any given night, and believe it or not, he actually calls you back in a reasonable time if you leave a message. Sending money to Doyle and having him take care of payment to PH is very nice (I despise the foreign money transfer process at $45 per transaction at my bank). Once you have someone like Doyle to call and arrange a hunt, there is no reason left for not going to Africa. All of the silly questions that create reasons not to go (usually the unknown for me) are removed and the hunt becomes as easy as heading west in the fall. Thanks again.

Tyler B

Decatur, IN, USA